Our quality guarantee is based on tested and certified suppliers from Europe and North America. Individual components of our supplements have research, including clinical trials that confirm their effectiveness! We do not use cheap replacements. We focused on reliable foundations of our products, we want to set quality standards on the market. Thanks to this you know what you use – GSG’s products are safe and effective.


Our shots are packed in extremely handy 25 ml ampoules (BPA free!). Each of them is has a sufficient dose for the whole day. Small and comfortable, they will always be with you – put them in the car, in your handbag, suitcase or even in your pocket! Take it to your training, work or for a long journey. There is no easier way to fill your body with necessary supplementation.


We focused on liquid form! Why? It guarantees that the natural ingredients contained in our shots are absorbed quickly and easily. As a result, our products do not contain artificial, synthetic substances, and you only accept the essence of nature you have chosen. Without fillers, stearynian and other unhealthy ingredients. Quit tablets and powders – they are the cheapest in production, but have you ever seen them perform in nature? Bet on a return to natural solutions and our easy-to-drink shots!